Tutor Training
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The mission of the Dyslexia Tutoring Program is to teach low-income children and adults with dyslexia or a language-based learning disability to read. This is accomplished through
a professional screening
assessment and
tutoring by volunteers
whom we have
trained in The
method of reading,
writing, and spelling.

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Responsibilities of Potential Tutors

Responsibilities of Potential Tutors

The Dyslexia Tutoring Program provides volunteers with the opportunity to receive personal satisfaction through helping someone improve the quality of his or her life. Our tutors will work with individuals on a one-to-one basis using the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading. Many of the teaching skills tutors will utilize can be applied to their own personal and professional lives. The Dyslexia Tutoring Program tutors will also enhance their own communication skills while making a significant effort toward combating illiteracy.

A high school diploma is required. Good command of language is also important. Tutors should have patience, a willingness to understand persons with language disabilities, and the desire to help someone grow. After completing the training, tutors are matched upon approval of the course instructor.

Applicants are screened by the Dyslexia Tutoring Program before acceptance into the tutorial program and are expected to make the following commitments:

  1. Compliance with the Ethics and Risk Management Policies of the agency.
  2. Attendance at 22.5 hours of tutor training. Training classes are held throughout the year at locations in the Baltimore metropolitan area.
  3. Attendance at 2 meetings with your student at The Rotunda. The first meeting takes place when you are matched with your student after the training class. This meeting is with your instructor and your student, and will give you guidance in starting your tutoring. The second meeting is a Tutor Observation. You will be observed tutoring your student and you will be given feedback and suggestions from our Tutor Observer.
  4. Commitment to tutor a student once or twice a week for at least one hour per session for a minimum of 60 hours. The Education Coordinator will work with the tutor and client to achieve appropriate matches and convenient times and locations for tutoring. Our Tutor Support Coordinator provides on-going contact, support, and follow-up for both tutor and client. The Dyslexia Tutoring Program's office, community organizations such as Harbel, The JCC, Sinai Hospital, area libraries, schools, churches, and other facilities are used as tutoring sites. Tutoring in private homes is not permitted.
  5. Willingness to devote time to lesson planning, completing monthly client report forms, and meeting with the Education Coordinator, instructor and student for a First Meeting, and a Tutor Observation.
  6. Acceptance of responsibility by the tutor to inform the Tutor Support Coordinator if tutoring stops for any reason.
  7. If you choose to take the training course and fail to meet your commitment to tutor for the Dyslexia Tutoring Program, the cost of the course is $500 for the training and materials.

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